Best Golf Putting Drills : Master Distance Control and Accuracy

Published: 17th August 2011
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Is there anything more annoying than playing a great round of golf but not being able to putt properly and therefore have scored miserably ? Effective golf putting is a result of being able to master distance control and consistency in your tempo and accuracy. Here are some of the best golf putting drills and tips I use whilst trying to improve my feel and touch on the putting green.

Short Putts This putting technique is sometimes known as ` the billiards effect`. Place a second golf ball directly in front of the ball your intend to putt with about half way between it and the hole. Putt your ball as normal and aim at the centre of the ball in front with the purpose of knocking this ball into the whole. This drill allows you to at a smaller target and gives you confidence to knock those short putts directly into the back of the hole with ease and without fear.

Keep Your Shoulders Square For this drill, you will need an old golf club shaft to help you. You place the shaft across your chest and then under each armpit. Practice your putting with this in place and this will help you rock your shoulders up and down and eliminate the possibility of you opening up your chest. This also helps with the `pendulum effect` in the stroke and also keeps the clubface square.

Distance Control This is one of the best golf putting drills as distance control is vital in order to eliminate the dreaded ` 3 putt`. Line up several golf balls on the putting green and stroke the first one about the distance of the length of your putter. Then try and stroke the next putt the length of the putter past the first ball. Continue with this method for each ball trying for each putt to be the same distance past the previous attempt. This also helps in gauging the length of backswing on your putt for a given distance and adds strength to your short game.

Clubface Square This drill will clearly show you how to improve your putting game. Place 1 tee into the ground above your putter and 1 tee below getting them as close to your putter as possible. In your normal putting stroke, take your club back and then forward through the 2 tees without touching either of them. This will ensure that your clubface remains square at the point of impact and sets the ball off on i`s intended line. This also eliminates the possibility of rotation in the hands during the stroke.

By introducing these best golf putting drills into your practice regime, you will start the process of gaining confidence every time you set foot on the putting green. With a positive attitude, you will have learned how to improve your putting game and will notice you scores dramatically tumble.

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