Curing The Slice in Golf : Never Hit Offline Again

Published: 17th August 2011
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Firstly we need to understand what causes a slice before we can look at curing the slice in golf. With a right hander, the ball veers off to the right created from a left to right bend in the ball flight. We can therefore deduce that the ball is spinning in clockwise motion on it`s path. For this to happen, the club face must be pointing to the right with the club going off to the left. This creates the clockwise spin on the ball. You can often confirm this by looking at the divot produced which will be left of the target line from the point of impact. We are going to look at how to correct a slice in golf by dissecting each element of the grip, the stance and the golf swing.

When looking at the swing path, one reason may be that you are coming in too steep on the ball rather than coming round. This causes the individual to open the clubface rather than the club head hit the ground very hard. In your backswing, make sure that you club is over your shoulder and not over your head. Remember also not to open your clubface when you take it away in the backswing as it will return in the same position and automatically create the slice.

Another element to curing the slice in golf is to analyse your grip as this will determine as to whether your club face is open, closed or square on impact. Take up your normal stance with the clubface square to the ball on address and you should be able to see 2 or 3 knuckles of your left hand. If you don`t see these then your hand is pointing too far to the left and will add to creating a slice. Another check is to make sure that the V shape between your thumb and the knuckle of your index finger on each hand is pointing up towards your right shoulder.

Additional golf slice drills can include checking your stance as sometimes you may start aiming further left to compensate yourself and actually end up doing more harm. By doing this, you will exaggerate the slicing motion further and make matters worse. Check your alignment by placing a club on the ground parallel to your target line and see that your hips, shoulders, knees and feet are also parallel to this mark.

Curing the slice in golf is a significant milestone for many people as there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your ball disappear off it`s intended path. I am pleased to say that I successfully managed to fix a slice off the tee many years ago and in fact learned how to draw the golf ball. My game is in better shape now as a result having gained more distance and confidence off the tee and on the fairways.

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